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Festival season is probably favorite time of spring and summer. All the people who love a good music and party already reserved teir ticket to some cool festival. Festival can be a good time off,  of your every day zone.

Festival need:

                     - waist pack

                     - hat

                     - cool acessoares

                     - suncren SPF 50 

                     - watch

                     - festival tent

                     - solar charger

                     - blanket           


All Black

All photos are downland from Pinterest.
hen people ask me "why you wearing all the time black clothes?" I'm like when they discover a happier color ill wear that. Black is elegant. Here are some inspiration photos of outfits that wore bloggers and celebrity's.       

Faux Fur // Elsa Hosk

Winters are colds , but i suppose you know that. And our favorite Angel are killing winter street style. Elsa been killing the street style as much as a runway. I'm in special love witch her "ill put what the hell i want witch a faux fur jacket and i rock"style. It bee cozy and stylish. Layered. Cute. Sexy. One word Angel. All angels have perfect style but this Swedish babe is on top.

Style Crush: Hailey Baldwin

 Hello! My first post are gonna be a style crush: Hailey Baldwin! Cause she's a young, beautiful. talented and fashion killer.. I personally start to love her when she start to hang out with Justin Biber. And i discover her style i was (shocked in good way) impressed.! Her street style are so on point, they are to die for. Especial her edgy-gangsta look. 
                                             PS.. Happy New Year!!!                                                                                                                                                                            

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